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Tea Dance, Sun, 13 Nov from 6:00 p.m., C3 Centre

5 Nights a week

All classes start at 7:25pm

Another great party!

Essential Info and Cost

There's a Venue Near You

With four venues spread around the city we've got Christchurch covered. Wednesday and Friday classes are both held at Avonhead school.

Classes in Chch
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Fun, Fitness, Great People, Learn a New Skill

  • Class nights tend to have 60 - 140 people all mixing together and having a great time. Be warned - it can become addictive!
  • Monthly social events with dancers from all the class venues. Parties often have 100 - 180 awesome people just like you!
  • We take the cool bits from other dance styles (e.g. salsa, rock 'n' roll, jive, disco, swing) to create a style that is easier to learn and more adaptable for different situations.
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